Springs, which are simple machine parts which utilize elastic restoring force, have been used by mankind since ancient times. These days they are very familiar to us and are used in numerous machines and devices. We already understand the fundamental principles of springs and have established basic technologies for them. However, due to increasing demands for them to be smaller, lighter and more sophisticated, we must continue to improve their design and the manufacturing technology used to make them. This includes technology such as heat treatment and surface treatment.

In consideration of such demands, the Japan Society of Spring Engineers (JSSE), while maintaining a close, collaborative relationship with the Japan Spring Manufacturers Association (JSMA) has been arranging a number of activities. These activities include establishing collaborative research committees, holding regular Spring and Autumn lectures as well as offering a variety of other lectures. The activities have been organized with a focus on the following three points:-

In an effort to enhance international activities, JSSE held an International Symposium in 2007 as part of events to commemorate its 60th anniversary and, in 2012, proposed the establishment of an International Committee to handle the International Conference on Spring Technologies (ICST). A preparatory meeting for the International Committee was held in Germany in September 2013, and the following three proposals were approved by all participants:

During the ICST-1, you will not only be able to attend academic lectures, but you will also be able to gather information about production technologies and measuring techniques from exhibition booths. In addition, you will have the chance to interact with engineers from around the world in the banquet that will be held after the lectures.

We are very happy for all engineers, technicians, researchers and other business people engaged in spring and related industries, as well as their suppliers and customers, to participate in the ICST-1 and we look forward to welcoming you.