17th International Conference on Precision Engineering.

Nov.12(Mon.)-16(Fri.) , 2018 Kamakura , Japan

Organized by The Japan Society for Precision Engineering.

Conference Topics

ICPE 2018 focuses on the following topics.

  • Digital design and manufacturing systems
  • Life cycle and smart engineering
  • Advanced system design and applications
  • CAD/CAM technologies
  • Advanced cutting technologies
  • Advanced grinding technologies
  • Micro/Nano machinings
  • Nano-scale surface finishings
  • Non-traditional machinings and additive manufacturings
  • Energy beam processings
  • Advanced die/molding and polymer processing
  • Advanced machine tools and elements
  • Micro systems and machine elements
  • Robotics and mechatronics
  • Ultra precision controls
  • Nano-scale measurements and calibrations
  • Surface metrologies of nano-scale structures
  • Mechano photonics engineering and optical applications
  • Advanced image processings and applications
  • Advanced 3 dimensional digital processings
  • Advanced surface processings
  • Micro fabrications for functional surfaces
  • Bio-medical engineering and applications
  • Precision manufacturing education